ARC Donation Month of May!

Hey y’all! Over on twitter, I announced that I will be donating my profits from my storenvy and my gum road to Access Reproductive Care – Southeast to help support people in my state and the surrounding area being effected by the very strict abortion bills that are trying to be enacted. Atlanta is usually a place where we can flex our movie/tv industry muscles and get harmful shit off the slate but that doesn’t really help our neighbors being hit with similar problems.

I’ve already donated my April profits of $67.60 to the ARC-Southeast just to prove that I am indeed serious and not just trying to get people to buy my stuff.

If you’re interested in hardcopies of my Pokemon comic The Very Best: A Red/Blue fan comic, I have some on my Storenvy. I’ve also got stickers, I’ve got prints, I’ve got sketchbooks! I ship US and international! There’s some stuff in there on sale cause I’ve got overstock.

If you’re more into digital copies of comics–I’ve got The Very Best over on my Gumroad! I’ve got a Sequinox comic, I’ve got digital copies of all my sketchbooks. Some of which aren’t in print.

And obviously–do not feel like you have to buy from me at all! If you’d rather just donate yourself, there are plenty of options! Access Reproductive Care, Yellowhammer Fund, National Network of Abortion Funds, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU—I’m no export, I’m sure there are plenty more all over!

This is about way more than abortion, this is about people deserving to take care of their bodies.

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