DS was on The Comics Podcast!

My friend Emily was kind enough to bring Dragon Sanctuary onto her podcast The Comics Podcast last month! I’m late listening to it cause it dropped on the 9th anniversary of my friend’s death and well…the other three hosts aren’t exactly kind to the comic so Emily showed me some mercy lol


It’s a little brutal to listen to but I still very much appreciate y’all taking the time to check out my comic and to talk about it! Sorry it wasn’t your cup of tea but hey, not everything is for everyone! I thought I’d at least return the favor and give y’all a shout out! Thanks for hating my comic, ya still read it and I appreciate it! It sincerely means a lot. Sometimes you gotta hear the bad along with the good!


Also per the website complaints, I just do a plugin for the webcomic so all I have to do is upload the art and add a comment. I have no idea how to move the page buttons. Not that any of y’all are gunna read this since the complaint was ‘I already don’t like reading it and now I have to scroll down to go to the next page’ lol

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