The Cast

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Our soon-to-be hero, Dean.

Half-fae, half-human.

Abandoned as an infant and raised by the Conin family. He’s only known his small village and has always been an outsider, leaving him wanting for something else with his life. Doesn’t know what or how to get it but he’s willing to try anything.

Age: 18





Our big sister, Meale Conin. [Me/ah/lee]

Whether he likes it or not, Meale had put herself in charge of her adopted little brother. She’s very grounded and aware of their situation but instead of escaping it, she just wants to maintain and secure it. She supports Dean when it’s good for him and reigns him in when it’s bad for everyone else.

Age: 19







Lieutenant Merno Kiata [Mer/no]

The unchosen from the chosen family

Born into a noble and blessed family, Merno gave up his title and lands after losing nearly all of that family thanks to that exact same blessing that didn’t bless him. He’s dedicated his life to hunting and slaying demons to do his best to help those in need even without the will of the gods behind him.

Age: 32






Princes Nima Neigantall [Nee/ma]

The Lace Princess

Daughter to the King of the elven continent Eliin, Neyano Neigantall and a human baroness from Caara. Nima was once left in her father’s arms by her mother and is now being left on Caara’s steps by her father. She found little joy in Eliin and isn’t planning on letting this happen again if she’s has little choice but to stay in Mein.

Age: 20





Prince Crisoul Diquana


The Sun Blessed

The youngest member of the Diquana clan and the second in line for the Draconian crown. Crisoul was born at sunrise the day there was a full moon, a usual good omen for Draconian’s to predict the birth of a new Kiata. On the heels of the slaughter of the Kiata family, it felt more like a cruel joke. Despite his ill-fated birth, Crisoul remains a bright and cheerful force within the castle even if he is rather lackadaisical about his duties. The courts and council are fairly split on his antics–either finding him charming and hard to dislike or just absolutely fearing the day he could become king.

Age: 18




High General Zukito Rashi [Zoo/Key/Toe]

Born into a Northern farming clan, Zukito escaped from the North as soon as they were considered grown by Draconian standards–about 5 years. They lived on the streets of Zohlu for decades, joining the military to keep themselves from being thrown back to the North. Stubborn and outspoken, Rashi made their way to High General and has remained there for centuries.

Age: 338






Ené Pikoya [N/Ey]

The Pikoya is a word from a long dead language roughly meaning ‘the first born child’ and is used by the Huskanians to describe their ancestors. The first born made from Ghalena’s blood and magic. Like the Draconians, Pikoya did not die once the war they were built for disappeared. They kept on living. Their Mother’s magic faded but they maintained her will.

They were the terror of the world for millennia until they began to disappear and slowly faded to legend. Many assumed this was thanks to Draconian efforts to hunt them but Huskanian camps spoke softly about a lone Pikoya who would appear to fight off their siblings.


Age: Unknown



High Priestess Enera


A woman shrouded in mystery. No one remembers when she appeared or when she rose to power as the high priestess of Ghalena’s cult. Her followers do no betray her and the elves act as if there is no chance she ever came from their cities.

She led the assault on the Kiata family, burning Emia to the ground and killing every member of the family except for Utero Kiata.

Last known wielder of the Sword of Eternity, a demon blade made from Ghalena’s blood. After it’s theft, she vanished for years.

Age: Unknown




Minor Characters

-Characters from the Royal families are on The World page-


Meale’s mother and adoptive mother to Dean. She took him in as an infant since Meale was just a year old and she already had the supplies to care for a baby. She is a seamstress of the village and before she had Meale, often traveled to Caara to sell her wares but now relies on others to handle it for her.

Age: 38






The owner of the village’s farm and ranch. He has a wife and 4 children that help him manage the farm since they employ and feed most of the village. He’s basically the chief of the village without the title since he holds a lot of power over the village and their livelihood. He cares a lot for the village and the people in it, except for Dean who he only employs as a favor to Ellen.

Age: 51





One of the older boys in the village under Rand’s employ. He’s recently been granted the responsibility to cart and sell goods to Caara and other cities. While most of the village is distant, Alder is friendly with Dean. He tries his best to reign him in and keep him out of trouble but also isn’t easily swayed away from his own duties. He takes what he needs to do very seriously but doesn’t think that needs to involve being cruel to anyone.

Age: 21




A young elf who left his wealthy family in Eliin to live in Mein to be a demon slayer. He’s very shy and soft spoken but get’s himself together  when he’s on patrol or in battle. Since he left elven society when he was basically their level of a teenager, he’s not as socially out of place as most of his kin. He has a much easier time being around humans than other elves now. He’s also very loyal and has a bit of a soft spot for his lieutenant after learning their both going against the wishes of a powerful family to be here.

Age: 75




Merno’s father and remaining head of the Kiata family. When the Kiata family was more expansive, he was one that was mostly unnoticed as he never longed for any glory and married into a family his parents didn’t think was equal to his own station. He had always been a man of little words but it doubly so after the lost of his entire family save his youngest son.

Lords over the property of Emia. The rest of the Kiata’s used to act as Barons but now their castles remain empty.

Age: 65



The former Kiata, killed in the name of the same destiny he’s passed down to his only son. Duke to the City of Caara since he was a child. Before his death, he bonded with one dragon but did very little else with his power. Infamous for running off and disappearing into the Mist for weeks to months at a time.

First born son to Utero and Aylee Kiata, and elder brother to Merno Kiata by six years.

Age: 20 [Deceased]




The Ambassador assigned by King Diquana to represent South Draconia when the council does not approve his travel. Due to the mild mistrust of a erratic king, the ambassador is supposed to be chosen and approved by the members 0f the council or the bare minimum of the Draconian representive. Akan is neither and he takes great pride in representing the true monarch of Draconia. By Draconian standards, he’s rather young and has not picked up on that his ability to be swayed may be the reason for his position.

Age: 80




One of the Demon Slayer colonels to southern Mein. Kyn is young for a colonel but takes his job very seriously. He left his old life behind after his old town had been swarmed by demons and any survivors were only thanks to the slayers that came to them. He doesn’t like the idea of people suffering when there’s something to be done for them and has very little patience for those who take their job frivolously. Anyone who needs to shape up is usually put under Kyn.

Age: 32





The general of Mein’s Demon Slayers and son to a blacksmithing baron. He was born and raised within Emia, his family working under the Kiatas. He became friends with Kie Kiata as children and eventually became the person to train him once he became a demon slayer at 18. His wife, Ravina acts a baroness to his families industry since taking the title of demon slayer involves casting aside your other titles. He has two children but will sometimes say three depending on how Merno’s acting.

Age: 42



High Colonel Kol Pultn joined the South Draconian Army as soon as he was done growing. The Pultn clan is spread out to the north of Qhae, taking up a large spread of farmland and a mining town. Kol left with nine of his kin for the city for their training. He started in a squad beside Zukito Rashi and has remained at the side of his old friend ever since, climbing the rank along with them until sitting as the highest ranked colonel under them. Kol is married to a field nurse he met on duty and they’ve raised the nine children that were born from his kin that came to the city with him.

Age: 323


Healer Mo’rn Pultn is what Draconians refer to as a sehdoj-eho. A lost one. The kin they were born from died alone, with no family marker or name. So Mo’rn joined the military to simply have somewhere to go. They became a healer as their rather placid nature did not make them suited for combat. While being very calm and easy going, Mo’rn is both quick to talk and quick to act. They met Kol in the field, helping save Kol from near death. They love to remind anyone that Kol would not have talked to them after he healed had Zukito not made him do it. They’re on a short list of people who can talk casually with Zukito, often referring to them as their in-law.


Age: 302


Makin Shen has been the General of the Royal Guard for the last 150 years. In Draconian, they’re referred to as the Low General but that just translates to being ranked below General Rashi despite how harsh it can sound to non-Draconian speakers. While in their armors and on the job, Makin is focused, loyal and quick to act. Off duty, Makin is just as easy to talk and smile as Kol Pultn. Their professional similarities to Rashi tend to make people assume they share similar personal habits which leaves poor Makin rather frustrated when they’re trying to socialize with fellow Draconians who are desperately trying to avoid eye contact. Maybe they’ll have an easier time dating when Rashi retires.

Age: 298



Like most Ghalena cultists, not much is known about Galline except her Su`unese origins but it is assumed she was the survivor of a raid that swore herself to the darkness instead of cowering from it. She is considered by many to be the right hand of Enera, often appearing in her place during her years of silence. Where Enera is brash and boisterous, Galline is usually much more subdued and quiet. She tends to lead raids, often entering villages or towns without much notice.

Age: Unknown, possibly in her mid 30s but she’s looked like her mid 30s for longer than her mid 30s should have lasted.



Chief of a nomadic Huskanian tribe that moves along the southeastern coast of Su`un. They used to rely heavily on international trade, shipping out their part-human Huskanians to Mein. After the Draconian attacks following Kie Kiata’s death, her tribes numbers were almost cut in half and they were unable to continue their trade routes. They’re often striking deals with other territories to help solve issues with cultists that Téla has made a career of dealing with and usually only walking away with new fabric for her black tunics.

Age: 45


Méalyn is the son of a half-husky woman and a human man, rarely looking the part of a Huskanian but very easily looking the part of a human. With the aid of a hat and mindfulness about how he smiles. His father lives on Mein, keeping land for the nomadic traders to stay when they came to trade. Even at a young age, Méalyn often lead these nomadic trades. Since he was more human than Huskanian, humans are more at ease around him and less likely to call things off out of a misplaced fear.

Age: 39



Chief of a tribe from the western mountains, Dannika is a fierce and bold hunter. Her tribe is mostly isolated up in the mountains but that never stops them from being sociable and finding help whenever their need it. Danni is a very bold and outgoing human, rarely hesitating to speak her mind or do as she pleases. She comes from a long line of hunters that used to fight the Pikoya for territory and claims if you don’t hesitate with your bow, don’t hesitate with your words.

Age: 34