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Irehl, earlier: If you won’t let me  kill this little death baby than just keep it out of my way. Honestly don’t even care if it has a single thought in it’s head. Bye

Irehl, hearing that there is a Kiata after all and tradition says to offer the Sun Blessed as the bridge between the Kiata and the Draconian people: Oh no.

[Zukito off to the side with a side eye that could burn through metal]


Also non-joke stuff to go under this page! I had fun making Draconian a language that’s just kinda weird to non-Draconians. There’s basically three forms of kin–Underkin, kin and overkin. Since traditionally, Draconian culture is fairly platonic and genderless, their language is very stark and half the context of what your saying comes from who you’re talking with and what you both know about each other.

Kin are basically people you consider your peers, folks at your same level either in age or in status. When Draconian’s are translating this to other languages they’re like yeah this is where you have friends, lovers, siblings, cousins, anyone you can stand shoulder to shoulder with and would share power with instead of hold power over or be subjected by. This is the only one of these words ever translated to lover. Draconians think a lot of power dynamics so it’d be very inappropriate to cross that line into a more casual relationship. (There are saucy stories about romances likes like on the battle field but they’re treated as silly things hatchlings giggle over, nothing a decent overkill would ever do)

Underkin are anyone that you would consider beneath you either in age, status, or would be considered to be in your care or your responsibility. If translated–it’d include children, workers, citizens to a ruler, privates to a general, so on and so forth.

Overkin are the opposite, anyone over you in age, status and someone who is considered the head of a family, a parent or the ruler or general, etc. They’re very vague with these words since they live in a cycle of resurrection so someone may be the head of your family one day but then they die and become everyone’s new baby sister while everyone else shifts up.  So it’s more of a hierarchy of people just taking care of each other more than anything. It’s about how you feel responsible for each other. Overkin is often translated to ‘parent’ for other cultures but most Overkin only remain a parental figure until a child is grown and then just kinda return to a default ‘older member of society that deserves respect’. The more Draconians interact with other cultures, the more remaining ‘parents’ and ‘children’ has come into fashion. Kol Pultn mentioned having a big family with their spouse and they actually still think of their underkin as their children.

Also Draconians do not have twins! Crisoul is right about that part lol No Draconian has any blood relation to anyone around them.

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    Congrats on 300 pages! Also love the language lesson, very cool stuff to hear about 😊


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