The World

The Pearl

The legend begins long ago when the sky was nothing but black silk. Two sisters flew together in peace until they found a small pearl floating in the sky. The youngest curled like a snake of fires, her scales glowing like hot metal and her eyes burning gold. She claimed she saw it first and the treasure was hers. The eldest was a ribbon of silver with eyes as pale as milk. She was older, the treasure should be hers. The two twisted together and fought, the pearl between their claws. Do not fight, whispered the darkest part of their anger. It is no treasure, it is nothing just a pearl. Something so empty and dull that the sky did not want to keep said the voice behind their ears. How about we share it and play a game to see who should truly keep it? The shadow sat quietly behind their glowing anger. Who ever can put life on this dead rock will be worthy to keep it said the shadow.

I am the oldest, I will go first said the dragon with scales as pale as the pearl. My kin will bring life to this dead rock and the great silver dragon breathed onto the pearl. First came the blue dragons, flowing onto the surface of the pearl. They held together and churned out the ocean from their wings. Second came the white dragons, so small and pale as they fluttered over the fins of the water dragons. They filled the sky and their thin wings became invisible, moving the waves of the ocean as they flew.

The gold dragon twisted with impatience. It is my turn, she snapped. Let’s see how clever you are when I can stop your waves and burn your air and the great gold dragon blew her hot breath. The water split as brown dragons erupted out, spreading out as they climbed under and over each other. They moved far out of the reach of the angry waves, sending their mountains into the clouds. As the wind tried to get away, great red jaws appeared and snapped at their pale wings. With each bite, the red dragons grew larger and more violent. It spread across the back of it’s cousins, climbing higher as they fought. And the shadow flickered under the angry fire, staying quiet and letting the sisters fight.

The dragons grew bored and retreated, hoping their creations would please their mothers. The waves still roared without the beat of their wings, the air still stirred, the fire still burned and the earth still stood patient. The world churned with rage and conflict for thousands of years until a fire that burned across the great land was extinguished by the water and touched by the breath of wind. Then, it happened. Life grew from their soil.

We do not need to fight spoke the silver dragon. This is not a treasure for us to share. It is only special when we share it. My age should have given me this wisdom she said as her pale eyes watched the hills of their land turn green. And my youth should have shown us the potential said the gold dragon as her eyes burned from beyond the clouds. But then our game is done said the shadow hiding in the grass. How about we make a new game? The shadow stayed out of the way as feet began to walk and mouths began to eat. If I can take this life off your little rock then this rock is mine. The shadow moved under the feet and moved across the lands.

You are nothing but a place where my eyes can not reach said the golden dragon. I do not fear you, you may only move if I take my eyes from you and I will do no such thing. Let us see you defeat me when you must cower from my gaze. And she stared. And she stared. An the green grass wilted beneath her gaze and the feet stopped walking. Fire returned to the hills and no water could be found. The shadow smiled as it grew. We must take turns said the eldest sister. Your eyes are too hot and you will do the shadows work for them. Give them your love to warm them and move so mine may cool them. And they did just that.

The bright eyes of the golden sun kept the shadow beneath peoples feet and laying beside their homes but the pale eyes of the silver moon let the shadow crawl over the world. The shadow whispered into the ears of sleeping creatures and told them to be weary. To be fearful and to be angry. The days were warm and the nights were cold as words began to have meaning and people began to listen. War grew. Land died, fire spread and blood was spilled. The hungry shadow ate and drew larger. With each whisper, it grew darker. It’s fangs talked louder. It’s claws dragged more heels into violence. The people were poisoned and they poisoned their waters and their lands. Their fires darkened the air and clouded the sky, blinding the goddesses. Even the dragons remained hidden from the shadow, unsure if those claws or fangs could pierce them.

During the darkest part of the night, the moon left the sky and landed in the center of her pearl. She looked upon her world. The fae were too chaotic, the elves too slick and the dwarves too stubborn. She made her way to the humble and quiet human. Their lives were too short and the whispers took too long to take hold. Their youth remained bright eyed and safe. Give me a child of gold and silver she said to her gentle humans. A boy came to her with silver on his cheeks and gold in his hair. She touched a finger to his neck, to his heart and to each shoulder. Let my children see me on you. Bring them out of their clouds and let them eat this shadow. Let them show those around you that we have never left and we are watching. She did not return to the sky. She let the sky stay dark.

The one boy did as he was told. The Kiata in the old tongue. He showed the dragons he meant them no harm and that he carried the love of their mother to keep them safe. They came down to him and they listened. The sun watched carefully from beyond the horizon, gathering the falling scales of her children as they stretched their stiff and old wings. She kissed them and placed them behind the Kiata. Our children bring terror more than the shadow. Borrow my children’s strength but walk in shape of those who need protecting. Do not rest as they do, be strong where they are weak and keep fighting. And the scales grew into an army as fierce as dragons but in the shapes of the elven creatures that brought no fear.

The shadow stood fearlessly beneath the sun now. She could not be stilled anymore. She fed her blood to the great wolves of the hills and folded her own children to stand beside her. If they are to eat my shadows, eat them first said the great shadow. The Ghalena. The dragons, the men they bore and the wolves here to eat them ripped the world apart beneath a moonless sky. The great silver dragon attempted to eat the Ghalena herself where her children were failing. But the Ghalena tore out the dragon’s eye and added her blood to the battle field. The sun grew impatient as she always did and came to her sister. They met and in a twist of scales and blood, Ghalena was scooped into the moon’s empty eye. The sun returned and the moon fled, her eye dark with shadows. The sisters returned to their skies, floating carefully from beyond the clouds. The shadow twisted through the Moon’s skull, showing herself to still be here and letting her shadows revel in their darkness before the sun returns. We do not know if the shadow will ever unwind itself from the moon or find its way back to the pearl. But the humans will make sure to keep a child of gold with silver on their cheeks to pull the dragons from the clouds when we need them.



King Rhul Amani of Mein

Age: 47

Inherited the throne from his father 25 years ago. Was married to Queen Mariand, Duchess of Im. Younger sister married to the Duke of A`nta. Fathered one heir, Prince Yuo. A very social King and was often on the front line of battles when he was younger. After he lost his wife, he has calmed down and allowed himself to be protected like a more proper king. He still thinks about it though.



Prince Yuo Amani

Age:  22

Only son to the Amani royal family, lost his mother when he was four.

Has been going through finding suiters to make sure he’s well prepared for the day he has to take the throne. He doesn’t have the social graces of his father so no duchesses have taken the offer just yet.


King Neyano Neigantall of Eliin

Age: 863

Held the throne for the last 500+ years. Was married to Queen Iyanee Ethnala but she returned to her seat as Duchess of Ki`itu. Fathered two heirs, Prince Eldrin and Princess Nima. He is a timid king, reaching out to his Meinian neighbors quite often. He felt he was not given enough wisdom from his parents before they passed on and is unsure of himself. He enjoys the company of humans as their worries are short lived.



Queen Bor Uorseen of Un`kaskh

Age: 105

Held the throne for the last 60 years. Married to Duke Yurik Stonlr and Duchess Talbrin Ogurrithl. Mother to 5 children who she has placed in all 5 of their other main cities so she always has someone to speak for her to all her people. She rarely leaves the comfort of Ta`bir and is quite stubborn to join any fray. She will happily give away her resources and her weapons but never her people. The dwarven people come in contact with earth dragons quite often and are not shy about the fact they will slay them. They have a poor relationship with the Draconians thanks to this.

Queen Jul Kimash of Su`un

Age: 48

Inherited the throne from her father 10 years ago. Her mother was a Huskanian chief but both her parents were assassinated by shadow worshippers. After she took the throne, she managed to shift powers and send the shadow worshippers back into their temples. She lessened the power of human political power in her country, taking some dukes from their cities and giving that power to Huskanian clans that proved strong enough for the responsibility. There are less starving Huskanians under her rule now and she has barred Draconians from her shores.


King Irehl Diquana of Draconia

Age: 378

Took the throne from his sibling 200 years ago and has held tight to it ever since. Parent to Prince Kano and Prince Crisoul. He is a powerful king, breaking down any conflict that comes against him but also severely tightening the divide in his country. North Draconia is under military rule that believes they are proper gods and should rule over the other countries. The South is under a monarchy that believes they are equals with those around them and should exist beside them, not over them. Irehl’s violent reactions to any challenge leaves the North thinking the South is hypocritical and weak. Irehl’s response to this was to kill their half their high ranking officers during a siege.

Prince Kano Diquana

Age: 90

The eldest son to Irehl Diquana. A private and soft spoken man, often just staying out of his father’s way and keeping out of reach of his younger brother. He is prone to anger just like his father and seems to take measures to avoid letting this overtake him even if it’s mostly just being antisocial. He does enjoy watching and listening to people talk even if he rarely joins in.