The Draconians

The Draconians are one of my original species that will show up in the series and you will learn about them naturally but figured a run down would be good regardless!

Obviously don’t read this if you want to wait, I will not be offended. I won’t discuss everything, just a base overview to get an idea of them.

The legend behind their creation starts when the sun and the moon fought against the shadow that tried to take over their world and wanted to kill it. The sun and the moon split, goes to different sides of the world to find a solution. The moon went to the humans and created the Kiata to lead the people away from the shadows corruption and to calm the dragons since the moon and sun could no longer reach them. The sun took the fallen scales of the fleeing dragons and molded them into an army of men to back her sister’s champion. She made them to look fae so the humanoid species did not fear them and made them undying so they would not leave the battle until the shadow was chased back. When a Draconian would fall, a new one would rise from their fallen and within a year be ready to fight again.

Once the ancient wars were over and the shadow was chased to the moon, the Draconians remained. Born from gods and their numbers never growing or falling.


Home Country: Draconia

Life Span: No average, mature at 2-5 years

Draconia is their home island, a place they took for their own when they learned rather quickly that they can’t live very well with other species in large amounts. Draconians are born from the bodies of their dead–the process isn’t activated until the bodies are burned. They are born as what would seem to be a 10 year old to a human. The amount they take to grow usually fluctuates. It can take about a year to five years depending on the urgency of their surroundings. If you stress out a baby Draconian, they will literally just grow up so they can handle it better. None of them are truly related in a biological sense but they will form family clans. They will have a family name for about ten to fifty Draconians depending. Families that stay in the city usually stay in smaller groups as there’s not the space for large households but there are villages out there that are basically just one or two huge families looking out for each other. It’s less about blood and more about bond. Some treat parenthood as ‘I’ll just make sure this small one doesn’t bump into anything sharp for a few years but once it’s grown, we’re siblings’ while some will stick as the role of a parent as they just enjoy taking care of those around them. Or if they are in a public position that involves interacting with non-Draconians and don’t feel like explaining the fluidity of Draconian bonds. A lot of Draconian choices are made by not wanting to keep explaining things to humans. The Southern Draconians popularly use scale shaped necklaces or earrings in unique designs to mark their family ties. It’s like wearing a family crest constantly.

While Draconians are all created male, most of them barely relate to this concept since they can not reproduce and their gender doesn’t serve a biological function. They rarely take offense to foreigners default referring to them using the male pronouns of their own tongue but the Draconian language is completely genderless as is their culture. Any gendered label placed on them is usually from an outsider and doesn’t exist in their language. Draconians that interact with other societies and cultures will sometimes take to gendering themselves but it’s usually just them being polite to the structure of another language than actually identifying. Examples would be Crisoul uses he/him and is generally okay with identifying as male even if it’s mostly the idea of being someones brother that he really likes while General Rashi will only respond to their name or they/them.

There are four types of Draconians to match the four types of dragons: Wind, Water, Fire and Earth. They are all radically different from each other in size, temperament and abilities.

Earth bloods are massive, usually standing at 7ft or taller and basically being made out of stone. Special boats have to be made to cart them places, they can only enter stone buildings or use enforced furniture. Only specially made weapons can pierce their skin. While looking very fierce and being capable of causing a lot of damage, they’re generally kind and patient. They’re very aware of their size and how much they can be an inconvenience and generally very humbled by it. Or at least you hope you get a humble Earth blood. Any difficult Earth blood is usually very well aware of how unstoppable they are and becomes a problem immediately.

Fire bloods are around 5’11” to 6’6″. Not as huge as Earth bloods but still generally taller than humans and most elves. Fire bloods are the preferred Draconian type that Draconians like to send to represent them to foreigners. They are generally very easy to smile and talk even if sometimes they’re just a bit too sharp with their words and can change moods rather suddenly. But it’s often just as easy to put them in a good mood as it is a bad mood. Their hair also looks and often behaves like fire which is another reason they are voted to be spokespeople as non-Draconians usually pay attention to them easily. They are capable of heating their bodies to extreme temperatures, either being a human space heater for cold friends or actually setting things on fire with their breath because you made them mad. We swear they’re the easiest to deal with.

Water bloods range from around 5’3″ to 5’6″ and aren’t as aesthetically dramatic as their taller cousins. They are smaller framed and rather stotic. They look as if they’d be better stand-ins for foreign representation of Draconians since they look rather timid and calm but interacting with them easily proves why they do not usually take these roles. They are slow to react but once they find their reaction, it is very hard to change their mind. They get angry and stay angry. They are rather cold and distant, even in their best of moods and at their most friendly. Their cousins usually say they’re really only like ‘water’ in it’s cold at first but once you get past that, it’s quite comfortable. Also they can breathe underwater and have a second eyelid so they can see underwater as well.

Wind bloods are the smallest of all the Draconians. They usually hover around 5ft, just barely going over or under. They are pale and wide eyed, looking like very cute but very haunted children more than fully grown adult creatures. They tend to seem very polite and soft spoken since they’re often quiet but Draconians have two sayings that generally reveal the true nature on their small cousins: ‘There are no secrets as long as there’s a breeze’ and ‘even a quiet wind can topple a tree’. Wind bloods are quiet and small but don’t misjudge the fact that they are still very powerful friends. Like their dragon ancestors, they have incredible hearing and sight. They can hear things from miles away as clear as day and are often used as spies or scouts for the most obvious of reasons. They can also basically see forever. It’s a blessing and a curse. They have to actively maintain their eyesight as to not accidentally look as far as the horizon goes. They often go blind as this power in a form less powerful than a dragon is overwhelming.