The Huskanians

The Huskanians are one of my original species that will show up in the series and you will learn about them naturally but figured a run down would be good regardless!

Obviously don’t read this if you want to wait, I will not be offended. I won’t discuss everything, just a base overview to get an idea of them.

The legend behind their creation starts when the sun and the moon fought against the shadow that tried to take over their world and wanted to kill it. The sun and the moon split, goes to different sides of the world to find a solution. The moon went to the humans and created the Kiata to lead the people away from the shadows corruption and to calm the dragons since the moon and sun could no longer reach them. The sun took the fallen scales of the fleeing dragons and molded them into an army of men to back her sister’s champion. To fight this army of demi-gods, the Shadow made her own army. She fed her blood to the wolves and turned them into humanoid creatures to devour her enemies. These were the first Huskanians, the Pikoya.

Once the ancient wars were over and the shadow was chased to the moon, the Huskanians remained. Chased to the northern country of Su`un and relentlessly hunted.


Home Country: Su`un

Life Span: Average age around 150, mature around 25. (Pikoya do not age)

The Huskanians obviously have a very dark history that still haunts them. Where Draconians were seen as divine creations sent by the gods, Huskanians were the embodiment of darkness left here to corrupt and kill the world. Which is really only true for the Pikoya who relate to the Huskanians in a similar way that the dragons relate to Draconians.

The Pikoya are the ancestors of the Huskanians and not part of the actual species. They created the species and are seen as distant relatives but the kind of distant relatives you don’t want to make eye contact with or really be anything like. Like calling a modern human a neanderthal. It’s not really a compliment even if we wouldn’t be here without them. The Pikoya aren’t living creatures. They’re flesh golems. The shadow saw Draconians rising from their own dead and made sure the Pikoya also never die because they’re not even really alive. You can tear them apart but they will reform and come back. They only die if you burn their body so they can’t reform. They aren’t seen as anything more than walking death machines. They only started having levels of sentience thousands of years after the shadow was imprisoned in the moon and they helped produce their own species.

Proper Huskanians on the other hand are just simply another species. People like to claim they are still infected or corrupted by the shadow, no different from the Pikoya but they are flesh and blood, sentient and just as full of variety as any other species. They are as heavily fanged, blue furred and big eared as their ancestors with their trademark mismatched eyes. One yellow and one blue.┬áThe Pikoya have intense and saturated eye colors, nearly glowing in the dark. As the Huskanian race was properly bred away from these creatures, their eyes dulled and their level of ‘pureblood’ can be measured by just how blue or yellow their eyes have remained. Some Huskanains still buy into their dark past and worship the shadow, wanting to claim that they still carry her influence. Most Huskanians just want to exist.

Their home country of Su`un is their only safe haven and even still, the population is more human than Huskanaian. Anger within their communities leads a lot of their young to side with shadow and demon worshippers because if everyone’s going to treat them like they’re evil no matter what, they might as well arm themselves to fight. Other huskanians still want to help and save those who take to shadow worshipping, claiming that this isn’t the fault of any evil god but is the fault of the world who turned against them. Their fangs are sharp enough to break metal and pierce Draconian skin. Their jaws are incredibly flexible with big cheeks to hide their fangs. A lot of people still believe they eat human or other species since the Pikoya do so. They don’t. But they do eat their meat raw which can be unsettling when non-huskanians are at the table.

Huskanian culture is matriarchal, clans usually being lead by a handful of women or sometimes one woman if she won’t share the space. Huskanian women are generally larger and more aggressive than their men, often proving their worth by hunting or navigating their clans safely through the snows. Huskanians tend to be nomadic. They will stay in a spot for a few months before moving on. They’re perfectly warm and welcoming, allowing strangers into their homes and sharing their food. They are built for the cold and understand not everyone shares this ability. Chiefs usually take the burden of being cold and distrusting of strangers, often stalking them around camps to make sure no harm comes to their people. Ranks within Huskanian tribes are shown with furs. Fur lined coats are usual fair but coats that have fur collars or fur rims are for leaders or special guests. Getting and making furs is a lot of work and if they are putting fur on places where it’s more for decoration than warmth, that person has the wealth and power to do so. Being gifted furs by a Huskanian is a great honor.

Huskanians also tend to leave a lot of varying levels of mixed breeds around. They might not have a very good public image but anyone who meets them, generally finds that they quite enjoy their company. Some humans just simply find themselves having mix matched eyes but find later down their family tree that they almost had fur and large ears. But more obvious half breeds try to stay within Su`un and away from where they could get much more of a negative reaction from others than half-elves or half-faes might receive. The current Queen of Su`un, Jul Kimash is half human and half Huskanian. She is well loved by her people as she is the first non-human ruler for thousands of years in the country but the other rulers are a bit nervous to see Huskanians getting control of their country back. Especially the Draconians.