The People

The rest of the species that exist on the Pearl.



Home Country: Mein, also have a large population in Su`un

Life Span: Average age around 60, mature around 18.

Humans are nothing special. Average eye sight, hearing, no extraordinary abilities and just very mundane next to all their neighbors. They are very versatile and willing to adapt. While their influence lies in Mein and has been placed in Su`un, it’s not shocking if they pop up anywhere. It’s often said that if you tell a human they can’t do something, it’s a surefire way to make sure they do that exact thing. While humans most certainly are not perfect, they tend to get along with everyone. Their longer lived neighbors learned to give humans wiggle room because an elf holding a grudge could last 90+ years and by the time they decided they wanted to forgive their friend, their friend would have been dead for decades. Humans make mistakes the most but also fix them the fastest. They welcome change and their culture fluctuates the most thanks to this.

Politically, humans have to be bold and generally steer the rooms to make for change that will actually effect them within a generation or so. Mein keeps its doors open to everyone and their larger cities are incredibly diverse. Small villages that exist just for work and don’t house visitors are usually strictly human. There’s also a lot of half-breeds out there as other species are easily charmed by humans even if temporarily.


Home Country: Eliin

Life Span: Average age around 900, mature at 100

Elves have heightened senses, clear and far reaching eye sight, sensitive hearing and tastes. Visitors to elven cities find the food too bland and the world too quiet while their hosts are enjoying an extraordinary meal and soothing music. While traveling abroad, elves usually go strictly vegetarian because they are overpowered by any meat that is prepared by anyone non-elf. Since they live so long, elves can seem very stubborn to basically anyone except Draconians. They so rarely change their minds and when they do, it can take decades for them to make a simple decision. Humans working with elves generally have to become rude to make sure a decision is made before it turns into a problem their children or grandchildren have to inherit. But if you’re too rude, an elf can hold a grudge for an impressive amount of time. The Eliinese royal family still holds a grudge against the Un`kaskh royal family for something that happened 6 generations ago. The dwarves don’t even remember what happened but asking any questions might just make it worse.

The elven cities are ethereal and unchanging. Elven children are rarely seen in public, often staying home until they are well behaved enough to go out. A screaming child is much more embarrassing when you’re in a room full of beings with hyper sensitive hearing. Elven cities are almost exclusively elven. Half-elves aren’t rare but usually remain with their other parent as trying to live with elves can just prove frustrating for both parties.


Home Country: Un`kaskh

Life Span: Average age around 300, mature around 50

Dwarves generally only have some heightened eyesight–not into the distance but they can see clearly in the dark. They also have dulled tastes. Their food is overpowering and spicy. Their liquor and beers almost deadly to anyone else. People assume the dwarves are mean and greedy, hiding their cities underground to hoard their wealth. It’s quite the opposite. The dwarves cities are under stone and mountains because Un`kaskh would be unlivable if they did no such thing. It’s scorching above ground, nothing but flat and rocky desert. Any water that makes it above ground doesn’t last long. The dwarves went underground since they could and while they were down there, build mines. They are always the first to offer to arm and dress warriors. They do believe their craft to be the absolutely best and just want to constantly prove how right they are. It’s aggressive and overbearing but their heart is in the right spot and they do want wars to be won swiftly and fairly.

The dwarves cities remain exclusively dwarven. While they will take in visitors and gladly make their visit as well lit and easy as they can, those visitors can’t stand the darkness for very long. And they won’t survive the heat outside the city. Dwarven politics usually keep pace with the humans, making fast decisions and being brash to get things done. They have a longer life but a much more dangerous life. If you keep trying to make a decision, it might be your last one. While dwarves get a long quite well with humans over solitary at groaning through long winded immortals taking forever to make decisions, they do not get one very well with anyone else. The dwarves have no problem hunting dragons. They are effected by mist but not as swiftly as humans so they will often enter fae forests to harvest their trees, plants or even fae creatures so they can use their bones, claws, wings or horns. They are beneath the eyes of the gods and are not intimidated by them.

Draconians and Huskanians have their own pages as they are creations by me so I have more things to say.