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I finished this at 3am. I don’t have any jokes. I’m so tired.


And before anyone thinks I’ve spelled it wrong there’s a few distinct ways to spell qilin! Kylin, Kirin and ky lΓ’n (which that y should also have an accent but I apparently only have easy access to ΓΏ)

I went with the kylin spelling for two reasons: I aesthetically think ‘ky’ just looks cool in words when you need a ki sound and the first time I read a story with a qilin, it used this spelling so it’s just a little [blows a kiss to the stars] this ones for you The Unexpected Dragon! Thanks for teaching baby me what a qilin is! …And probably a few other things. I was too young to be reading that book.

Also were a fun way to fix the hole of ‘how do stone skinned people that range between 7-9 feet tall not murder horses when they need to travel???’

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    How do you manage to pack so much personality into the briefest of dialogue? Fantastic as always!


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